The clients for this project were young professionals who recently bought a home to accommodate the needs of their growing family. They wanted more functional spaces they could all enjoy together and asked us to help them envision it.

The first half of the project was to redesign their existing mudroom - making space for more storage while maintaining the functional day to day use of the room. The side of the mudroom closest to the kitchens naturally became a place to store canned goods and also acts as an espresso bar. As you move towards the exterior door, the space transitions to become low storage to stow away shoes, bags and other belongings. Doubling as a built-in bench, this area also provides parents and kids a place to sit and get ready together.

The second half was this renovation consisting of re envisioning the cellar space. To access the cellar, a hatch in the mudroom floor slides open to a wooden stair that leads you down. One side of the cellar houses a built-in pantry, where produce and dry goods are kept. To maintain air-flow, a natural ventilation system was added. The second half of the cellar stores and showcases the clients wine collection. Again, this space serves not only as storage, but also a place to bring friends and family together to entertain.

Location :  Bedford, NS
Completion :  2019
Team :  Devin Harper, Ryan McNeil, David Burlock
Concrete and Tile :  Nic Roe Designs
Electrical :  Wadden Electric
Photographer :  Carolina Andrade