Hewn + Barter is a Halifax based design-build studio composed of architects, engineers, builders and artists who share a genuine interest in the master-builder tradition. These various backgrounds give us a unique understanding of construction techniques and material processes, allowing us the ability to explore our passion for traditional building processes in detail. We feel this results in crafstmanship that is original and innovative.

The name Hewn + Barter is derived from the custom of bartering labour for goods and services - a tradition that has been in my family since my great great grandfather was recruited in 1870 to the town of Tignish, Prince Edward Island to build the community church. During his time there, he made the community his home. Through bartering his services as a master builder with local fishermen and farmers, he was able to construct a homestead that still stands today. In the cellar of the home, hand-hewn beams are visible and serve as a reminder of a time where building for longevity and creating quality products always came first.

In order to create cohesive projects that reflect these traditions, the team coordinates all aspects of design and construction - taking on projects from conception to completion. This intersection of design and construction allows us to prioritize craftsmanship while streamlining design, project management, and construction. It helps us make projects we are proud to stand by.